Frequently Asked Questions

Will I really get sticky?

Some people get 'Sticky-er' than others, but it is hands on, and the short answer is YES!, so please wear, old clothes and shoes. We supply aprons. If you get the resin on your skin, it is washable off with hot soapy water.

How many people per class?

The classes are small. There is a min of 4 and maximum of 8-10 people depending on the Studio Space. ( Hawke's Bay Studio only takes 6)

How many pieces of artwork will I create?

You will be producing two works of art, each on 38cm disks. We will show you how to gold leaf the base of one of your creations.

What should I wear?

We supply aprons, but please wear clothes you are prepared to get the odd drop of resin on. Old shoes too! Leave your bangles and rings for later. Long hair is best tied back.

What if I'm not very artistic?

I am always AMAZED at what our 'STICKIES' create. The great thing about creating with resin is the results are 'abstract' and their are no rules! Check out our instagram page for examples of what can be achieved.

Will I get to take my artwork home with me?

Due to the fact that ARTRESIN takes 72 hours to become fully cured, we will organise pick up in a few days after the workshop.

Is Resin Toxic?

Some Resin is, but the top quality ARTRESIN brand has been especially formulated to have no VOC's. So we don't need to wear a mask while working with it. Saying that, it is Sticky so if you get it on your skin we recommend washing it off with hot soapy water.