Story & Vision

'Inner Creativity, Outer Vision'

Hi, I'm Rae West the founder of 'Let's Get Sticky', here is the far!

The 'Let's get Sticky' workshops have evolved due to people becoming curious to explore the realms of Resin. Non toxic Resin was becoming more popular in the art world, and I had been using it for a good few years in my own art career. Check my own art creations out here.

I had a vision way back in 2017 of wanting to create a 'full circle empowerment' of creative people in first world countries, generating support for creative people in 3rd world countries. I didn't at the time have any idea how I could do this.

So I googled organizations in Africa and long story short, I spent the most amazing 6 weeks in Ghana in February/ March 2018 working in the design department of Global Mamas and living with a seamstress's family in the small fishing village of Cape Coast. A life changing experience. Check out Global Mamas website. They are a small but excellently self run totally transparent Organization that is changing local artisans lives and that of their families and communities.

you can donate directly to them via this link

Update: February 26/2/2022

Six months in business, 131 people have joined in the 'Sticky Revolution', so the first $180 US dollars has been donated. THANK YOU!  very proud of this achievement!

Update: August 2022  ONE full year in business

Donation of $280 USD dollars ( total donated $460usd)

Pretty excited to be able to say we have been offering Let's Get Sticky workshops for ONE WHOLE YEAR!!
Boy have we grown and are still learning and expanding... A HUGE thank you to our founding Alchemists, Nancy Scott and Bronwyn Williams!
We have an exciting year ahead of us.
Update February 2023 
Thanks to the wonderful ongoing bookings to 'Get Sticky' we have donated another $211 USD  that $360 NZ dollars... total donations are now close to $1000nzd.
This year is booming ,with over 100 people booking workshops in the first two months... Come join in the 'Sticky Revolution', we are loving sharing the joy of resin, inks and gold leaf to the world.
Thank YOU all for joining in the STICKY REVOLUTION and allowing our motto of INNER CREATIVE, OUTER VISION to become a reality.

Fast Forward to 2020 it dawned on me, that with the demand for these 'Let's Get Sticky'  workshops all over the country.

I could ..

1. Empower other artist within Aotearoa by contracting out the business and they become our 'Sticky Alchemists'.

2. Give busy fellow humans, some creative ME TIME they craved, and a non boozy, super fun connection with their friends, family and work mates..

3. Create the FULL CIRCLE empowerment and give back to an organization that I know from being on the ground in Ghana, is exceptional. Thus $2 per each STICKIES client goes to the Global Mamas Organization.

4. I also felt that I needed a local element of empowering women especially. So we are working towards gaining 'sponsorship' for workshops focused on various community groups that may not necessarily afford this beautiful creative experience of creating with resin. 

Update: September 18th 2022  Our first local 'Giveback Event'
We were contacted a few months ago by a lady named Anna. She suffers from CRPS Chronic regional pain syndrome.
She said her and some friends from her support group KIWICRPS would love to do a workshop, but due to one income and health expenses it was out of their reach financially.
So we had a chat to Tony from AAA Insulations and his company was very happy to sponsor a Special Let's Get Sticky Workshop for these eight ladies! yay, THANKS TONY!!
Nancy and I will be giving up our time free for this wonderful two hour event.
photos to come.
If you or anyone in your community deserves a fun creative few hours and is super stretched financially, get in touch, we will do our best to help. Or if you would like to sponsor an event, even better.!! 

I am so excited to be able to find an avenue to empower my fellow humans on an ongoing way on so many levels.

Kind Regards,

Rae West 

founder of Let's Get Sticky